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Project Description
A data agnostic program to track team drafting in sports leagues, fantasy leagues, or other areas where large amounts of data needs to be sorted through to determine a pick in a draft and then to log the pick for tracking draft progress.


There are many online, computer, table top and even real life games that require drafts in order to select teams for tournaments, competitions and other events. Managing drafts, figuring draft selections, making selections, tracking draft progress and producing final draft results can be easy to very complicated depending on the amount of data you use for making draft selections, the number of teams involved and the size of the teams. This projects purpose is to come up with a program that can easily import data from simple text based formats that are not specific to any particular sport or game and yet still allows for the easy searching through the data to run or follow a draft. For more information for on what we hope to accomplish go to Usage.


Users should be able to easily create the proper data files used by the program. Once the program starts the program should immediately provide access to a list of available players/draftable objects. It will provide an easy way to look at details of the draftable objects for analysis and decision making. Then allow a user to make a selection that will be stored so that a draft progress view when displayed will show all the objects drafted, and the drafted object is removed from the list of available draftable objects.


  • Import Text File Data to seed player/draftable objects lists (See Data Formats for more information)
  • Allow configuration for the number of teams, size of teams, type of draft (straight or serpentine)
  • Allow the selection of players/draftable objects as they are drafted and update a draft table that can be followed to view progress of the draft
  • Allow the editing of picks should a mistake be made
  • Provide output of some kind showing the final results of the draft


  • Support additional data formats: Excel, SQL, Custom XML, Others
  • Allow the creation of custom draft rules so that control can be made for limits on how many teams, size of teams, maximum and minimum number of draftable object types and other conditional requirements.
  • Have it available in a distributed format so that either one person can make the selections and everyone can see remotely, or allow for multiple people to update the draft as they make their selections.
  • Add timer functionality to limit the amount of time any pick has to be made in.
  • Creation of a quick pick list that can be used as a scratch pad of players to closely watch. Can be used in a timed draft to provide an ordered list of players to select should the allotted time for a pick be expiring to avoid being skipped.


  • Draftable Object: As most teams are usually made up of players of any particular game or sport, a draftable object will most likely always be a player of some type. Some formats allow for the drafting of other non-player items such as playing fields, ballparks, team names, equipment or other items. Because of this the project will to refer to something as draftable or being a draftable object to make clear that it does'nt have to be a person.


  • Development Language: C#
  • OS Support: Windows 7 and compatible possible earlier Windows versions. (Future development may lead to web-based OS Independent version.)
  • Database Environment: None currently, all data will be local imported and exported data files. (Future development may lead to more dynamic SQL data or "cloud" storage.)
  • Interface: Simple GUI (Future development may lead to XAML or web-based interface.)

Help Wanted?

We currently are not seeking help but will not turn down offers. We are interested in hearing from and being followed by people interested in the final outcome of the project and willing to provide feedback and advice as we progress.

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