Draftable Objects Input

Because we are trying to make this program data agnostic, there will be requirements for the base formatting of data. In the beginning we plan on only using single files that have data stored as individual records/rows with the first row being column header names. Our long term goal is to have a SQL backend or "cloud" storage possible for accessing dynamic data, but we want the base program to be able handle the simplest data so the program at its core can be easily usable by the most novice user.
Data Formats under consideration in order of precedence:
  1. CSV formatted files
  2. XML formatted files
  3. Excel formatted files
  4. Database formatted files
  5. Links to dynamic non-file based data storage

Draft Results Outputs

Some reporting of the results of drafts will be necessary. The base data will be in XML format that can be used to generate "pretty" reports.
Reports under consideration in order of precedence:
  1. Output of final draft results in a team/column by draft order/row format
  2. Output of individual team rosters
  3. Output of results to external data source for later analysis

Program Configuration Inputs

Most likely this will consist of an application config file. Leagues can provide it with the application so that the program will automatically load up in the configuration needed. The GUI will also allow customization of the file directly.

Internal Data Formats

This will need development work. The main point is that the internal data format should not have any dependencies on the input formats. Any issues with data coming from inputs should be handled when it is initially imported so that the internal data can always be considered the "clean" data.

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