Sports Drafts

Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey or any other Sports that have tournaments or leagues that call for drafting some or all of their players.
Fantasy Leagues, Little League Baseball, X-Box 360 Madden Football or any other sports forms that have ranges of draft support from none to complex. The program can either run the entire draft for a league or provide individuals more customized version of the draft and pick selection options than are provided in the draft system the league uses.

Fantasy Sports

Baseball, Football and many other sports are all developing large followings. Anyone in a league that has any kind of draft can benefit from the customization we wish to include. Most activity is all done online and most of the supporting websites have at least a basic draft system available. But most of systems are mainly for tracking selections and only offer limited tools integrated into them that all for the viewing, sorting, filtering, and comparing possible picks using only data that an individual doesn't have direct control over. If you have a custom rating system or want to use some obscure stat that a site does not track, you will be able to include it with this program for greater flexibility. You can even include specific notes for each possible pick.

Simulation Gaming

Computer and Console Gaming

Fantasy Leagues

Youth and Adult Leagues

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